Wedding Photography Questionnaire

HELLO, BRIDES & GROOMS! Below I’ve put together a list of questions that I usually ask my wedding couples. Some of these questions are self-explanatory, and for some, I explain the reasons behind the questions. You will find these questions helpful when planning your wedding. Also having the answers to these questions will save you time before your wedding consultation with another photographer or with me.

Questions for couples

Who is your Wedding Coordinator? (Contact names & phone numbers)

A bride and groom may not have their phones handy throughout the day. Always helpful to assign a friend or a family member as a contact if there is a need to get hold of someone.

How many Bridesmaids are you having?

Gathering and managing a large family or wedding attendants for photos can eat up a lot of your time.

How many Groomsmen will there be?

Same reason as above.

Do you need a second photographer?

Yes, For big weddings. Also, if you need coverage of the bride and groom getting ready in two separate locations, then you will need a second photographer.


Would the bride like her bridal preparations photos taken (last makeup & hair finishing touches and getting in the dress) on the wedding day?

If you are on a budget, you can skip this and go for fewer hours of coverage so you can focus on the essential moments (portraits, ceremony, family photos, first dance, cake cutting)

Would the groom like getting ready photos taken?

you might need a second photographer.

What time are the bride’s hair and makeup scheduled to start?

Are you planning on seeing each other before the ceremony?

Traditionally this happens at the ceremony.


Where is your Wedding Ceremony taking place?

What type of ceremony will the wedding be: (religious, formal, informal?)

What time will your ceremony start time and how long do you expect it to last?

Approximately how many wedding guests are you expecting?

Again this affects the number of hours coverage you will need and also if there is a need for a second photographer.

When do you want group family photos taken?

Before the ceremony ? after the ceremony? At reception?

Where would be the right place for this to happen?

Lighting, distracting backgrounds and the size of groups are some factors you need to take into account.

Are there any special family situations (divorces, dramas, etc.), that I should know about that are sensitive?

Do you want a couple portrait session of the two of you?

We need to allow at least half-hour for these photos.

Will you be doing a formal exit from the ceremony?


Where is your wedding reception, if different?

You will need fewer hours coverage if your ceremony and reception are in the same location. A wedding photographer will lose 30-45mins to pack his/her gear and drive to a second location.

What is the order of events at your reception?

Are there any unique/unusual parts of your wedding day that I should be aware of?

Do you have a formal exit planned?

If your friends and family are giving you a big send-off with sparklers etc. you will want more hours of coverage, so your photographer is there to capture all the fun.

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