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Hello my name is Ashok… Rhymes like A-shock
I’d like to tell you that I have a black belt in Photography, and I am from Leicester.
I’ve been photographing weddings for 8 Years

As your wedding photographer, my approach is to creatively tell the story of your special day as naturally as possible. So you can relive the special memories of your wedding in years to come. Personally, I value real emotions – joy, laughter, tears & importantly the love. So I keep the posed photographs to the minimum.

Although I am more of an observer at weddings, I like to have a lot of fun & I enjoy getting to know the people I work with. I feel so lucky to do a Job that I enjoy and I do not take it for granted.

Taking photos play a big part in my everyday life. I don’t normally leave the house without a camera of some sort. When I am not photographing weddings I like to get lost in street photography. For my personal work, I enjoy using Film cameras & love manual lenses.

When am not taking photo’s I am often day dreaming about my next amazing picture..

As the old saying goes a picture paints a thousand words so I believe My photos should speak for itself. What you see here will tell just what sort of photographer I am and what I do. If you like what you see then send me a message and I’d love to hear from you>> CONTACT ASHOK HERE

 Why should you hire me over another photographer?

Well glad you asked… Not only do I guarantee you will love my creative photography, but you will have a good time during the making of them. And if I can’t deliver that I will refund your fee plus 50% more.

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