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Documentary Wedding Photographer | Wedding Photojournalist

What is Documentary Wedding Photography?

Documentary wedding photography, also known as reportage or candid wedding photography, is a photojournalist style. It focuses on capturing candid images with minimal photographer interaction. The photographer shoots quickly, avoiding traditional or formal posing. Above all, this method ensures the photos reflect real moments and emotions. As a result, it gives a true representation of your wedding day.

Benefits of Hiring a Documentary Wedding Photographer

Choosing a documentary wedding photographer offers numerous benefits. This style allows for genuine, unposed moments to be captured, preserving the true essence of your special day. You won’t have to worry about awkward poses or forced smiles. Instead, you can enjoy your day while your photographer documents the natural interactions and emotions. Meanwhile, For a deeper understanding, Alan Law from THIS IS REPORTAGE explains it well here.

My Approach to Documentary Wedding Photography

While I cover 90% of the wedding day in a documentary style, I also include couple portraits (ideally during sunset) and group photos if desired. Consequently, this balanced approach ensures a comprehensive collection of images from your big day. My goal is to tell the complete story of your wedding, from the big moments to the small details that make your day unique. In short, by blending documentary photography with a few posed shots, I create a diverse and beautiful wedding album.

Your Wedding is Original

As a wedding photographer, my goal is to give couples a unique experience. Here’s what you can expect:

No staged first dance photos

Moments are captured only once

Interruptions are minimised

Firstly, I capture photos that truly matter. These photos let you look back and remember what it felt like to be there. Additionally, my aim is to document the real atmosphere and emotions of your wedding day. If this is the kind of wedding photography you want, then you are my ideal couple.

Moments Matter

Every moment of your wedding day is special and deserves to be remembered in its true form. Let’s create lasting memories together. Below are a few sample images of this type of wedding photography. Please check my portfolio or Instagram for more samples. I hope you enjoy these photos and Finally and I look forward to hearing from you!- Ashok

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