Wedding Photography Contract – Why do you need a photography contract?

So you’ve picked the ideal photographer to shoot your wedding? You have one more important thing to do to book your photographer- that is the wedding Photography contract. Having a contract shows that your photographer is a professional. And, they understand the importance of making sure things run as smoothly as possible. A signed contract also gives everyone involved a better peace of mind and will ensure you receive what you paid for.

What your wedding photography contract should include:

  • The names of the bride, groom, and contact information(address, phone numbers, email, etc.)
  • Event Dates and the length of the event, start and stop times for each part of the event, and addresses where the photographer will need to be.
  • Subjects to be covered- such as the bridal preparations, the wedding ceremony, family photos after the ceremony, and the reception.
  • The booking fee, and the date it’s due.
  • Total cost, and when the balance is due.
  • Overtime fee, if applicable.
  •  Deliverable Items (online gallery, albums, USB sticks etc.) and when you will receive them?
  • Copyright and Reproductions details- Who owns the photos and if there are any restrictions?
  • Cancellation or Postponement policy-What happens if the wedding date changes?
  • Failure to Perform- What happens if something prevents the photographer from shooting the booked wedding?
  • Exclusive Photographer- can your guests or other professional photographers take photos too at your wedding?
  • Event Food Service -should you provide a meal for the Photographer and their team?

Most of the time many of the contract details can be adjusted, added, or removed entirely after talking with the photographer. So, if you are uncomfortable with any of the details, then discuss it with the photographer before signing the wedding contract.

Of course, if you have any questions about Wedding Photography contracts, please feel free to contact me. Happy to help in any way I can. – ASHOK


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