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Leicester Wedding Photographer Equipment

While It’s true the eyes behind the camera are more important, I believe having the right tools & equipment will help a photographer to excel in all conditions & situations. I want any limitations that exist, to be my own as a photographer, not because of my equipment. I take great pride in the equipment I use and have invested heavily in gear that suits my Style.

Although I am always changing my cameras and lenses. I have always stayed loyal to Nikon as my choice for camera & lenses for various reasons.

Leicester Wedding Photographer Equipment

By the time you are reading this I would have replaced one or two of the lenses above…

Currently, I am running with

1 x Nikon D4, 2 X Nikon D750’s (love these but just wish they were a lot faster)

1xNikon 24-70mm f2.8, 9 x prime lenses (I like to remain secretive here), ranging from 24mm to 135mm.

I usually have tons of memory cards, and would normally copy a wedding twice in each camera.

2 x Lacie thunderbolt external hard drive (although you only see one in the picture) very handy when shooting 3 or 4 weddings in a weekend.


Leicester Leica camera

For all my personal work & Some selective Portrait & engagement  sessions,  I will be using my Leica M & Leica 50mmf1.4 Lens


I put a lot of thought & effort into the pictures I take, so I am obsessed with protecting those pictures and keeping them safe.

Photography in leicesterWedding photographer in leicester

I use 1 x 1Tb thunderbolt Lacie drive + 4tb Raid thunderbolt Lacie drive So that my files are backed up X 3 when I am working away from home. Not only do these look good but they are also rugged & have the thunderbolt cable inbuilt.

Sri (1 of 1)Sri (2 of 2)

When I am back at the office, I would immediately back my weddings to my 4 x bay,  G-studio hard drive, for peace of mind & security.  RAW files are kept at a minimum of two years in case you lose your pictures and want them in the future.