Wedding Photography styles explained

Before you start researching Photographers, it’s important to know which style of photography you want at your wedding. See if any of the following appeal to you? And I will explain where I fit within these styles.

Film Vs Digital –all the Leicestershire wedding photographers I know shoot only in digital. Although I enjoy shooting in film, my film cameras stay at home during weddings.


This style is an informal approach where the photographer will give you real documentary coverage of your wedding. If you feel awkward when it comes to posed images, then this is the thing for you. A documentary wedding photographer will spend most of their time hanging back and capturing the action as it happens. The photographer does not give direction, and will rely on his keen eye and a readiness to “do what it takes to get the shot.”

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Very formal, highly posed like those pictures you would see in your parent’s wedding album. In the film days, these were hugely popular. Because of how expensive film was, photographers would pose couples and guests to get the shots straight away. I am not a huge fan of this style, especially in Asian weddings, but if you want to stick to tradition, and wait hours for posed photos with your guests, then a traditional wedding photographer is for you.

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Fine-art wedding photography involves using artistic angles, creative lighting, unique compositions and advanced editing techniques to create images with an artistic flare. Lots of skill, planning, a creative eye and often thinking out of the box approach is a must to excel in this style of photography.

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A style that is inspired by the fashion industry. When done correctly it can produce remarkable results. However, to have success on a wedding day, a photographer would need to organise himself very well and usually would need assistance. This style usually involves the use of soft and flattering light. The editorial style focuses less on telling the absolute truth of the day as a documentary photographer might do.

Natural Light

Natural light photography isn’t a style. But its something I do a lot with my work. Rather than using a camera flash, photographers use available natural light in a setting to create warmth and mood. Skill and a good understanding of light are needed to deal positively with shadows and other lighting challenges.

 Finally, where do I fit in with all of these…?

I take a very hands-off approach to wedding photography (until it comes to family portraits+couples portraits). My Style is mainly Documentary wedding photography with a dash of fine art. During the day I am a moment hunter where I am chasing raw emotions to tell a story authentically as possible. From the start of the day, I don’t give a million hints and directions. Apart from occasionally asking you to place yourself in an area of the room that has better light.

If you like to see a full wedding I’ve done drop me a message and I would be happy to share a gallery or two from one of my recent weddings.