Why Hire me?

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Choosing the right Photographer is one of the most important decisions you will need to make for your wedding day. It can be a difficult choice. So how do you choose that perfect photographer in a sea of photographers to document those amazing moments? It all depends on your personal taste and preference, but I can tell you why you should hire me.

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Because you want something different. I am constantly thinking of new creative ways to make your wedding photos different from your friends or family members. I’d like you to hire me because you like my style, not because you need a wedding photographer.


Each Photographic occasion is Tailored to the need of my Clients. I love taking care of the people I work with. I like to be the photographer who goes above and beyond and will give the clients something unexpected (in a good way).


I’m prepared for pretty much any situation your wedding throws at me.  Low light, rowdy groomsmen, and delicate family situations are no problem. Dark venues, rain, backlit, harsh mid-day sun. I know how to deal with it all in a creative way.


I have over Eight years experience photographing weddings.
I have honed my ability to anticipate what is going to happen, as well as my technical skills. I have also been lucky enough to photograph at a lot of wedding venues, so I may have the experience photographing at your venue.


I use some of the best cameras and lenses available and have multiple backups. It’s true the skill of the person holding the camera is much more important than the equipment but having the right gear helps. Your wedding pictures will also be backed-up up to two years after your wedding day.

You can see my Gear page HERE


I am confident you won’t find a better value/quality package anywhere else.

Attention to detail

I take pride in capturing even the smallest of detail. So all the little touches you have slaved over for months won’t be overlooked and will be recorded creatively.


I believe editing is very important to the finished picture, it’s necessary to edit photos to increase their attractiveness and quality. Each of your wedding pictures will be individually edited by me and there will be consistency and quality in all your pictures.


I make sure I portray myself in a professional manner from the initial contact to the finished products. I will always handle myself in a professional manner towards your family and guests. I am also fully insured.


Last but not least, I love doing what I do and I enjoy photographing weddings. My only motive for being a photographer is to take better photography the next day.