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Slava & AlinaPhotographer in Leicestershire

Slava & Alina
Slava & Alina Photographer in Leicestershire Light is unquestionably instrumental in photography. As a photographer, I love to put my clients in the best light during my portrait sessions. And the best time for that happens to be... that's right, early in the morning! While waking up super early for a sunrise might not sound very exciting at first, I have to say[...]

Sergi & CarolinaMontjuïc Cacti Park Photoshoot

Sergi & Carolina
Montjuïc Cacti Park Photoshoot Photographer Coventry Hello here is a lovely session from the Montjuïc Cacti Park in Barcelona with Sergi & Carolina. I am not a fan of big cities, but there is one exception which is Barcelona. I photographed many couple sessions around the Midlands Coventry, Leicester, Birmingham etc. but there is always something special about [...]

Tan & JudyLeicester pre wedding photographer

Tan & Judy
  Engagement photo shoot in Leicester As a wedding photographer, I enjoy meeting new people and photographing couples from different countries and backgrounds. So I was pleased to get an inquiry all the way from China!!! The couple mentioned that they were visiting Paris, London and also Leicester, but wanted to do an engagement shoot in Leicester. My initial r[...]

Efra & DamarisLeicester wedding photographer in Spain

Efra & Damaris
Photographer Hinckley Hello, it’s been over ten months since I last made a blog on my site! I don’t think it matters what I write here but to say a few words about this pre-wedding shoot: this was shot somewhere in between Spain & Portugal. It was that long ago that I don’t even remember where exactly! I am happy to say that this couple Efra & Damaris are goo[...]