Ivan & Desi pre wedding shoot Barcelona beach

Leicester to Barcelona

So how do you shoot a couple portrait on a crowded Barcelona beach?

like any other photographer visiting Barcelona, I too was excited to take away something special from Ivan & Desi’s Pre-wedding shoot & also their wedding. So before I left home in Leicester I packed my two Nikon D750’s & took most my lenses with me (which I now regret). I can’t exactly remember why we chose the Barcelona beach as a location but then again, why not? We wanted to capture the sunrise & avoid the crowds that flock to the beach. So 6 am seemed like a good idea to start the shoot & we were done before 9.30am just in time for breakfast.

The couple:
Just a sweet couple in their early 20’s who love each other. Like most couples I work with, Ivan & Desi have never done a photoshoot together. Being in front of the camera wasn’t something that came naturally to them & at the start, they had to get their head around my direction & my way of thinking. Soon they realized it was all fun & they were happy just being themselves (this made a massive difference on their wedding day).

The Wedding:

I will get around to blogging the wedding soon & will leave a link here.

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